Ceragem Massage Bed Review: Everything That You Want To Know

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Whether your goal is to find temporary relief from chronic pain or to discover new ways to enhance your overall body health, you have options.

A thermal back therapy bed is an extraordinary way to deal with massage treatment that has many benefits and is a non-intrusive method of healing.

ceragem massage bed
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What is Ceragem Maasage Bed?

The Ceragem Massage Bed is the only massager available that analyzes your spinal column to provide a customized massage that helps reduce muscle tension, ease joint inflammation pain, and increase circulation, all while restoring your vitality.

The Ceragem massage bed uses rollers and infrared (IR) heat to speed up the healing process and boost overall health. Jade rollers are used to animate the normal course, while infrared beams heat the body and stimulate the veins.

The Ceragem Master V3 is the latest and greatest model of the popular ceragem massage bed, and it features an integrated spine-length sensor and fully automatic massage routines.

Ceragem Massage Bed Review and Guide

How Ceragem Massage Bed Work?

When you select the Ceragem Massage Bed, you can relax in full clothing on the innovative infrared (IR) warm massage bed.

Gentle pressure will be managed by the rollers as they rub your back from your skull base to your lower spine. Because your superficial veins will be opened up by the IR heat, the back rub rollers will be able to have a more profound effect on your neck, lumbar spine, chest, and sacral region of your pelvis while they work.

This miraculous amalgamation makes it possible for you to reap the therapeutic benefits of chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, thermal therapy, and moxibustion in a single treatment.

ceragem massage bed components

What Are The Benefits of Ceragem Massage Therapy?

The list of Ceragem rubs’ many benefits is too lengthy to describe in detail here. Help with pain is just one of the many ways it benefits the body’s overall health.

The skeletal framework has its own set of benefits, chief among them being the enhancement of posture and flexibility through the promotion of greater range of motion in the joints.

The skin and respiratory system both benefit greatly from this increased circulation, with the former experiencing less cellulite and the latter experiencing more regular breathing patterns.

Finally, the digestive system can reap the benefits of a back rub’s detoxifying powers, which promote better colon health.

Ceragem massage therapy has both physical and emotional benefits. The back rubs may help eliminate anxiety by establishing a stronger mind/body connection and creating a sense of wellbeing.

Similarly, the calming effects of the therapy session can help the mind relax and become more rational.

How It Scan Your Body?

ceragem massage bed scan

A Ceragem bed’s built-in projector casts a filtered image of your body’s contours, beginning at the base of your neck and working its way down to your pelvis to reveal any remaining problems with your spine’s length or bending angle.

In response, the ceragem master V3 performs a knead that is specifically calibrated to your unique body.

The length of the spinal segment, which runs from the cervical to the coccygeal vertebrae, varies from person to person, and the interior projector stimulates specific pressure point massage focuses along the spine in accordance with this variation.

Only the ceragem master V3 thermal massage bed is capable of delivering fully individualized therapy based on the user’s dimensions.

What You Will Get In Ceragem Master V3?

  • Two external projector of three and nine spheres
  • Twelve massage modes and six intensity level
  • Easy to operate remote control with large LCD screen
  • Sound therapy to relax your mind with 4 GB SD memory card
  • You can set the temperature at 1°C intervals
  • Easy to fold bed and use as a thermal massage sofa
  • Head cushion at the upper part of main mat (Removable)
  • User’s manual and assembly guide
ceragem massage therapy bed parts

What Is The Ceragem Massage Bed Price?

The Ceragem Massage Bed can be purchased from a number of different locations, each of which may have a slightly different Ceragem Massage Bed Price. However, Caragem Master V3 can be purchased on Amazon for about $7000. Here you can find Amazon’s current asking price.

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Ceragem also offers a free trial at its massage center so customers can experience the benefits of its services for themselves.

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