9 Best Foldable Pool Table for Your Home

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Best Foldable Pool Table

By the time you reach the conclusion of this piece, you’ll know that you don’t need to be an expert pool player to appreciate the sport.

Thanks to their collapsible legs, these buddies are perfect for the snooker fan with limited living quarters who still wants to play the game.

You may want for a basic piece of height-adjustable furniture that camps right inside your room when you become weary of hunkering down at game parlors or pubs for hard-core billiard games only to be routinely robbed by pool sharks.

Are you prepared to spend a little amount of money to hang out in your living room with your family, significant other, or pals? We have compiled a list of the top 8 portable pool tables for your convenience.

Do some rail shots with me!

Quick Comparision of Foldable Pool Tables

ImageProduct DescriptionPrice
Hathaway Fairmont 6-ft Portable Pool Table

Hathaway Fairmont 6-ft Portable Pool Table

  • Dimensions: 76 x 43 x 32
View Price
Fat Cat by GLD PRODUCTS Trueshot 6 Ft. Pool Table

Fat Cat by GLD PRODUCTS Trueshot 6 Ft. Pool Table

  • Dimentions: 76 x 43 x 32
View Price
RACK Drogon 5.5-Foot Folding Pool Table

RACK Drogon 5.5-Foot Folding Pool Table

  • Dimentions: 66 x 35 x 31
View Price
GoSports Mid-Size Billiards Game Foldable Pool Tables

GoSports Mid-Size Billiards Game Foldable Pool Tables

  • Dimentions: 84 x 47 x 31
View Price
Triumph Sports Portable Pop Up Folding Billiards Tables

Triumph Sports Portable Pop Up Folding Billiards Tables

  • Dimentions: 72 X 36 x 30
View Price
RACK Crux 55 in Folding Pool Table

RACK Crux 55 in Folding Pool Table

  • Dimentions: 55 X 29 X 32
View Price
Costzon 47 Inch Folding Billiard Table

Costzon 47 Inch Folding Billiard Table

  • Dimentions: 47 x 26 x 29
View Price
Bello Games New York, Deluxe Folding Pool Table

Bello Games New York, Deluxe Folding Pool Table

  • Dimentions: 45 x 26 x 28
View Price
RACK Vega 6-Foot Folding Pool Table

RACK Vega 6-Foot Folding Pool Table

  • Dimentions: 76 x 43 x 31
View Price

9 Best Folding Pool Tables Reviews

1. Hathaway Fairmont 6-ft Portable Pool Table

Hathaway Fairmont 6-ft Portable Pool Table

This 66-inch long Hathaway Fairmont portable pool table will bring an unprecedented sense of sophistication to any apartment accommodating a 14’x12′ man cave or family gaming room.

What appeals to the masses the most is undeniably the fact that the legs can be folded to reduce the height of a 10-inch monster to 6-feet with no installation required.

The chrome-plated, collapsible legs are sold in pairs and have integrated leg levelers and adjustable screws, making them convenient for transport. In exchange, the set allows you to create a playing surface that is as flat or curved as you choose.

Fairmont has introduced a cue set and accessory package complete with a nylon carrying case, standard snooker balls, two 48″ billiard cues, two pieces of cue chalk, a brush, and a diamond racking triangle to enhance the playing experience.

In order to get a better overview of the gaming tables, it may be preferable to use the larger 178mm balls instead of the normal 2.25mm ones.

You wouldn’t often hear a complaint about the table’s quality or style if you compared it to any other kid/family billiards pool table. Fairmont is proud to boast US-guided quality control from head to toe, which adequately explains why the product as a whole is a little on the plump side.

The build quality as a whole is good, but not every component is up to pace. The MDF bed of the Hathaway Fairmont foldable, portable pool table doesn’t handle moisture well and isn’t great for refelting.

Thus, leaving this tall man out in the patio (even under a water-proof screen) won’t work out so well, since it will ultimately become twisted.


  • Sturdy design
  • An active bumper and a bouncy playing field.
  • Effortless assembly; reduces friction when folding and unfolding
  • Concepts that gaze to the future


  • Pool cues that are lightweight and short
  • Massive spheres
  • Extra hefty than the stated 160 kg

2. Fat Cat by GLD PRODUCTS Trueshot 6 Ft. Pool Table

Fat Cat by GLD PRODUCTS Trueshot 6 Ft. Pool Table

Quick rail kicks with the guys or the grandchildren in the living room? Fat Cat’s basic 36-inch collapsible pool table is the answer.

Modeled by the idea of a foldable table, this piece of gaming furniture would look great in any room. The nylon replacement felt is not only attractive in appearance but also permits smooth ball glides and rolls on the playing field.

Interestingly, pool players give more positive evaluations to this Fat Cat Trueshot’s levelness over the Hathaway Fairmont’s crowning problem. Having the balls no longer wander near the rails is a welcome addition that will undoubtedly increase customer satisfaction.

These parts, in addition to having a sleek exterior, are mostly fabricated from high-density materials that provide a plethora of benefits throughout a lengthy service life. To be more precise, a single pocket net can sustain the weight of up to five regulation-sized balls before tearing.

The legs may be folded up, giving the impression of a more compact form, although the actual playing area remains the same size. Even with a 66″ wooden-framed tables, you’re assured of an exciting experience every time you play.

Don’t be alarmed by the sharp chrome plating. To ensure the safety of its young and old users alike, the Fat Cat folding pool table set has rounded corners.

Overall, the Fat Cat Trueshot accessory kit is inferior to the Fairmont version since it lacks a storage case and requires additional assembling processes, including the tightening of bolts, to provide a secure locking mechanism.

After a multitude of praises above, one critique that may be given to the Fat Cat Trueshot folding table must be how all the pieces appear like being glued together non-aesthetically. The fact that the felt isn’t sewn tightly together further adds fuel to the fire, as this might be one reason why some people don’t think the balls’ rebound feels quite right.


  • Active rail
  • Excellently flat field on which to play
  • Chrome legs added to the outside of the table’s perimeter.


  • insufficient quality control
  • Bumper that doesn’t react
  • Feels sloppy

3. RACK Drogon 5.5-Foot Folding Pool Table

RACK Drogon 5.5-Foot Folding Pool Table

Do you not know how to operate a pool table since you are just starting out? If so, you should get a Rack Drogon table. A comprehensive set of assembly instructions and technical assistance are included with the purchase of this product to make the process of installing the required apparatus as simple as possible.

The table features a 1/2-inch MDF bed with green regulation-grade velvety felt, and it comes with many additional standard equipment, including two 48-inch billiard cues, a set of billiard balls, an ABS triangle rack, two sets of pool cue chalk, and a premium wooden brush. Extra billiard cues and chalk are available at no cost upon request.

The set’s wheels are a handy addition because they allow for convenient portability. In this way, you won’t have to strain your back carrying a heavy table from place to place. The fact that it can fold down into a compact size is a great feature. In order to save room, the model may be folded up and stashed away.

The quality of service is excellent. All purchases are protected by a guarantee that lasts as long as the buyer wants and a promise of complete satisfaction or money back. Additionally appealing are the company’s prompt replies and zero-cost delivery options.

Delivered with several fractures and dents throughout its surface, the table top is poorly constructed.


  • The perfect compact and portable size
  • Easily carried and long-lasting
  • Lifetime coverage with no limits


  • Surface is not of high quality construction.

4. GoSports Mid-Size Billiards Game Foldable Pool Tables

GoSports Mid-Size Billiards Game Foldable Pool Tables

The Gosport table is your best bet if you want a device with a wide range of useful functions.

Included in the package are 15 standard billiard balls, a ball rack, a chalk set, a felt brush, two chalks, and two cue sticks measuring 2.57 inches each. As a result, you may play the game as is without spending extra money on gimmicks.

The dimensions of this actual pool table are 84 inches long by 47 inches wide and 31 inches high, making it a good all-purpose size. It’s perfect for those who don’t have the space or desire to maintain a full-sized pool table but still want to enjoy the game.

This compact size is also useful for stowing things away. The fact that it folds up and can be moved about with ease makes it that much more impressive.

Knowing that the model is of high quality will pique your curiosity. The maker uses robust, long-lasting steel to construct the perfect pool table structure. As an added bonus, the unit’s superior felt playing surface makes for a silky-smooth experience during even the most intense matches. A felt brush is included as well.

The only problem is the slow shipping time. While unpacking, you could notice a few little scrapes on the side. Some of the screws on the underside may come loose and fall out, and you’d have to put them back in.


  • To have everything you need
  • Exquisite craftsmanship
  • Rectangular table that folds up


  • Awful service
  • Standard pool cues for a foldable table of average size

5. Triumph Sports Portable Pop Up Folding Billiards Tables

Triumph Sports Portable Pop Up Folding Billiards Tables

Do you need a pool table that can be easily moved around? If so, this folding pool table is perfect for you. The product’s light weight—just over a hundred pounds—makes it simple to ship.

Users may simply lift the table by its legs and transport it wherever they need to go. This product’s versatility means it may be used in a variety of settings, such as patios and gaming rooms. The compact pool table is convenient because of its play ‘n’ stow design, which allows for rapid folding and storage.

Using this apparatus, setting up games is also a breeze. You may start playing immediately after unfolding the popup frame and setting the cabinet on top.

The actual table is strong and long-lasting in spite of its minimalist form and minimal installation requirements. With its sturdy steel construction, the table won’t budge as you play, so your scores won’t be affected.

The table also comes with a variety of extras, such as two 48-inch wooden cues, a triangle rack, a pair of billiard balls, a pool table chalk cube, and a table brush. Everything you need to get your pool table ready to play is included in this kit, including a brush for cleaning it after heavy use.

The pool balls, alas, appear to be on the little side. On the other hand, if you plan on purchasing a standard ball, it will be too huge. Lightweight cue sticks might also have an impact on your playing.


  • The Pieces Fit Together Easily
  • High-end transportable version
  • robust and long-lasting


  • Miniature pool balls
  • Short, light cue sticks

6. RACK Crux 55 in Folding Pool Table

RACK Crux 55 in Folding Pool Table

If you’re looking for a pool table that everyone can enjoy, the RACK Crux is a good option. Its dimensions of 55″ in length, 29″ in width, and 31.5″ in height make it suitable for users of all ages.

The pool table’s bed is covered in a blue regulation-grade velvet felt, and the cushions are made of L88 rubber, making for a smooth roll and a solid bounce for the balls.

The set includes a genuine triangular rack, sixteen 1.5-inch resin billiard balls, a quality brush, and two 48-inch billiard cues with matching chalk. Each of these components works in harmony to provide the optimal amount of strength, steadiness, and agility. Everyone from novices to veterans may enjoy it, and it can be used in a wide variety of settings, including the family room, the bedroom, and the playroom.

What’s more incredible is that you really get a real table in the package. The product is made using engineered wood by the maker. The material has the added benefits of being lightweight and long-lasting, extending the time span during which the product may be enjoyed.

Additionally, the guarantee is a nice touch. The maker provides a lifetime guarantee and promises complete customer pleasure. That’s a huge money-saver on upkeep, and it also means you can send the goods back if you aren’t happy with it.

The warped surface of the traditional pool table is an unfortunate flaw. Put the balls on it, and they’ll immediately begin to move toward the perimeter. Your gaming performance will suffer as a result of this disadvantage.


  • Easily carried and long-lasting
  • Lifetime coverage with no limits
  • Size of the table for everyone


  • The round table’s rounded top

7. Costzon 47 Inch Folding Billiard Table

Costzon 47 Inch Folding Billiard Table

In need of a good Christmas present for your kids or grandchildren? Why not gift them a high-end snooker table, which will not only provide them with various cognitive benefits such geometry, focus, tactics, and patience, but will also provide them with a spark of bonding moments?

The classic black-green nylon fused leather Costzon 4-foot folding pool table is a favorite if the blue Fairmont or black Fat Cat fails to evoke images of classic billiard game parlors in the media and thus fails to pique your children’s interest, while the Bello Games is rather too small for your likings.

Ideal for children, this folding table features corners that are padded with styrofoam on the inside and protected with flexible foam on the outside for the highest level of safety available. Furthermore, this better feature is meant to prevent the MDF bed from warping due to moisture absorption.

The 1316″ chip-free resin-topped spheres provide no choking hazard to your children. The billiard balls roll pretty smoothly over a somewhat coarse felt top, allowing you to set the tempo of the game so that your children may learn the rules thoroughly at their own leisure.

This Costzon table has a height-adjustable folding usefulness, so you can use it to teach your children valuable lessons while also making them happy with their own self-assembled creations.

The item weighs in at around 33 pounds, making it the lightest model examined; after a game of pool, you can easily instruct your children to fold up the table and store it in a closet, a spare room, or even a garage.

The table may be little, but its usefulness much exceeds that of any toy. Trivial, the discarded PVC webbing behind the pockets may be used to fashion a one-of-a-kind, elongated ball return.

While the Costzon 47″ fold-up pool table for cue sports comes with a comprehensive accessory package that has two 36″ pool cue sticks, two powder pieces, a brush, a triangle rack, and 16 resin billiard balls, it still falls short of conventional versions.

Since this is a children’s product, I suppose the absence of a diamond racking triangle or crowning is to be expected.


  • Strong, collapsible metal legs
  • Metal construction that will last for years
  • Soft, pliable felt that slides on with ease
  • simple stowage


  • Bed that does not respond
  • Webbing under the pockets that can be easily broken

8. Bello Games New York Deluxe Folding Pool Table

Bello Games New York, Deluxe Folding Pool Table

If your household can’t get enough of pool, and you all live in a small apartment or playroom, then this Bello Games premium portable pool table is the perfect purchase for you.

You might be skeptical that a table with a mere 44-inch cherry hardwood tiny surface will withstand any bank and kick shots. Smaller tables are simpler for families to play on, which is why most bar pool tables are just 7 feet long. As a result, this tiny folding pool table (412′ post folding) is great as it allows us to play for easy family bonding in a place that is less than 12′ wide.

There may not be a pre-mark on the rails, but that won’t be a problem thanks to the two pool cues that are 42 inches long, the shedding brush, and the sixteen half-sized down standard balls included in the package.

The wool-blend felt is a lovely finishing touch since it is both soft enough to allow the balls to roll easily and durable enough to withstand regular use. The bumper cushions and rails aren’t great for getting a good bounce and roll on the ball, but that’s what helps keep the shots within a realistic range of action given the compact size of the table.

Additionally to these advantages, Bello Games tiny pool tables include pre-attached legs and pockets, requiring no setup. The snooker table can be folded in half after each use, making it simple to store in tight quarters.

Bello Games’ collapsible pool table is great fun even if you don’t have much room in your home. Keep in mind, though, that this little pool table is only a scaled-down replica of the full-size original. Thus, the subpar equipment wouldn’t be enough for seasoned pool players or trainees who wish to practice for professional games.


  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • Super-stable building design
  • There shall be no assembly


  • Stiff rails that don’t quite bounce
  • Tender pockets give way easily
  • Deficiency of a leg-raiser

9. RACK Vega 6-Foot Folding Pool Table

RACK Vega 6-Foot Folding Pool Table

In the event of a lockdown or pandemic, rack pool’s six-foot foldable billiards table may be quickly set up and taken down.

You can perfect your shot without missing a beat by doing it in the comfort of your own home. Weighting in at 148 pounds, the table has dimensions of 76 by 43 by 31 inches.

The dimensions of the playing surface are 65 inches by 31 inches. In terms of weight and durability, it’s hard to find anything better.

It’s lightweight enough to be carried with one hand, yet sturdy enough to last.

Spend quality ‘family time’ playing snooker with your loved ones. Moreover, it helps with hand-eye coordination, and it encourages healthy competition and collaboration among young people.

Having fun and making memories when participating in a sporting activity with loved ones. The table has a 3/4″ thick, solid MDF playing deck, a regulation-quality blue woolen mix felt, six cotton netball pockets, premium K66 rubber cushion bumpers, and built-in leg levelers.

A pair of genuine maple wood cue sticks, a pair of cue chalk, a wooden triangle, and a high-quality brush are all included in this set of billiards essentials.

In addition, extra billiard cues and chalk are provided at no cost upon request. The firm offers a lifetime warranty with no limits and guarantees your delight.


  • Durable and reliable built-in leg levelers
  • All-Premium K66 Rubber Bumper Pads
  • Sleeves for a netball made of cotton


  • The field has been distorted.
  • The tabletop is far too heavy for the base, making it wobbly and unsafe.

Tips for Choosing a Folding Pool Table

What if I told you that even though we’d all be safer away from casinos during the epidemic, you could still play snooker at home?

The authentic pool table does not require a lot of room or a lot of money.

Foldable pool tables make it possible to play pool at home whenever and wherever you choose.

These appear like miniature versions of full-size pool tables, complete with all the necessary accoutrements for a thrilling game of billiards.

You may unwind and have great times with friends and family without leaving the house, fighting for a parking spot, or worrying about the corona.

If you’re looking to boost your mood and take your mind off things, this pool table won’t let you down. In addition to enhancing their hand-eye coordination, competitive drive, and team spirit, your friends and family will enjoy becoming sharks in the family pool.


Whether you’re with friends or family, a game of pool is always a good time. Since it’s a given that you’ll have to pay something for the pool table, I’d suggest being a little more generous than necessary.

Make sure you and your loved ones have some great pool-related memories to look back on in the future. Pick something that costs three hundred dollars or more.

Price usually reflects the quality of the materials used in an item.

If I may offer any advice, try to resist the allure of well-known brands. Not every pool table from every brand is reliable or defect-free.

Which would you rather have? A solid, well-built pool table that’s ready to go the moment it arrives, or a pleasant interaction with a helpful customer support team? As for me, I’ve made my point.

If you invest in a high-quality pool table, you’ll have something to play on for years to come.

Keeping a look out for advantageous return policy and warranty deals is helpful.

Pool table construction

Choose a six-table if you are just starting out, as the shots can be taken quickly and easily. It is recommended that experts play on longer tables and shoot at more challenging targets.

Second, there needs to be enough room for players to take shots without hitting the walls or other players, so if you’re limited on space, choose a table that fits your needs.

The table must be built of sturdy MDF and be a scaled-down replica of a regulation pool table so that you may hone your skills in preparation for tournament play.

Make sure you keep an eye out for things like extra pockets, wood, rails, and felt.

With a high-quality wood structure, your table will survive for many years. Don’t believe the hype about how easy it is to carry with one hand. If it’s well-constructed and fashioned from quality wood, it will be rather hefty.

A high degree of rebound is required of the rail cushion. If you want to make sure, just hit the ball against it. Ideally, the ball will bounce back successfully. If you don’t want to sit at that table, go on.

The felt is fastened to slate, the flat surface of the pool table. The more superior the slate, the more stable and uniform the substructure.

These days, MDF is the material of choice for most portable pool tables (medium-density fiberboard). Be wary of anything that doesn’t seem thick and has a hard, flat surface.

The felt needs to be flat and smooth, much like the original table’s feel was, yet it needs to allow for ball movement and give some resistance to bouncing. There should be no tears, burns, or other damage on the felt.

On average, a table will have six compartments. Assemble them securely and make sure the ball can drop freely. The access point must also be big enough for a hand to pass through.

The legs are the primary component in providing a level and stable base. It’s impossible to play the game correctly without a perfectly leveled surface.

Most professional-grade billiard tables include built-in leg levelers to make it easier to get the table to the perfect height.

It’s preferable if the legs fold smoothly with the use of levelers, without requiring the removal of any fasteners. If you unscrew anything, you’ll have more work to do and more potential hazards to watch out for (the screws you remove).

For smooth sailing, go for the pre-assembled model. What a comfort to know the joints would be sturdy right out of the factory. The things we try to mend don’t always stay put.

Having diamonds on the table to use as targets would be a huge help. The table’s cover protecting it from dust and making it simple to store is an added bonus.

Reason for Using

Several companies have released foldable, portable pool tables. Since you probably aren’t an experienced player, you should always ask yourself what purpose the adjustable table will serve once you’ve stepped over the welcome mat and considered making a purchase.

Safety elements, including rounded corners or a folding mechanism that allows the table’s height to be adjusted, may be prioritized when purchasing a pool table set for a child. The plot shifts to focus on the pinball machine’s layout, its crown, or the rails’ and bumpers’ kinetic energy levels if they are meant for more than one adult player.

The same holds true when considering various geographical areas. The original plan to keep the pool table outside the patio makes little sense once you decide to put it inside a man cave (MDF vs slate beds or additional screen).

And if you’re looking for foldable multipurpose game tables that offer many types of entertainment, one crucial element to put full attention on is the diversity of tabletops, on which you may position them as playing surfaces for a game of ping pong, for example. On the other hand, you can choose to disable this option if you’d prefer.

Prepare for the unexpected by selecting a translucent final view before clicking around with the mouse to add a foldable, portable table to your shopping cart.

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